Twisty Creek Farm  
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Registered  Babydoll Southdown  Sheep from Olde England

Khatadin hair sheep
Babydoll Sheep are small, easy to contain, produce fine quality wool,ideal for the home spinner/weaver, are great mothers and greater lawn mowers. They look like sweet cuddly teddy bears and are really interesting to watch.
Khatadin Sheep are hair sheep requiring no shearing. They are easy care and produce easily and year round. They require very little deworming and are seldom ill. They do well on pasture or hay and grain supplement during winter months. They breed early and usually produce twins. Feet are not a problem. They are used for meat and do wonders to keep fields looking mowed.
Painted Desert Sheep  are multicolored and multi patterned. The breed is from Black Hawaian and Moufloun background. The ewes are polled and the  rams have beautiful trophy horns. They are hair sheep and rarely have problems. They begin breeding at an early age and need little help in caring for their young. Most often they twin.
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