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  • Are over 2,000 years old as a breed                                           
  • Are gentle and loving dogs           
  • Are guardins of people and animals                                          
  • Are not herding dogs                  
  • Are considered puppies until age 2 years
  • Are excellent therapy dogs
  • Require about 6 cups of feed daily if food is a good qualilty
  • Shed about once a year
  • Have double coats
  • Should not be shaved
  • Like to dig a hole in the summer to stay cool
  • Enjoy cold weather
  • Are night barkers and will need to be brought inside if this is a problem
  • Defend against fox, coyotes etc.
  • Are respectful of people unless threatened
  • Adjust easily to new owners if treated well
  • Start working with authority around age 2 years
  • Need a fenced or contained area or will try to guard the surrounding areas
  • Live 10-12 years
  • As a breed, have issues with hips, knees,elbows
  • Are about the size of a Boxer or German Shepherd
  • Mature to be 85-125 pounds within AKC breed standard


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Jethro   Reenee
Below are some of our dogs working. Such a pleasure to watch!!

Champion Bloodlines include Limberlost, Mon Ami, Huny Mountain, Chip'n' tip, Patorama,Polly of Sunny South, WPT Pyrenees, Starranch, Dreamcatcher, Kindredpyrz.Work ethics are strong in offspring as is friendly attitude and beautiful conformation. Hair quality is silky with  minimal matting.

Buying a Great Pyrenees Guardian Dog

Physical soundness in parents will most likely be passed to puppies.

Look for a Breeder who has tested the parents for genetic issues( this could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the dog)

Temperment is an important part of a sound dog. Choose a Breeder who has enough experience to understand the breed and be able to guide you in your choices.

A reputable Breeder should be able to provide papers proving testing and health care. A health guarantee is usually available

The Breeder of Quality Great Pyrenees will be able to  guide new owners through the early years of ownership.
 Look for a Breeder who doesnot sell to pet shops  or breed multiple litters who are not fed or cared for properly.

Look at the breed standards found on AKC web sites. Weight should range from 85-125 lbs.

Good Breeders usually sell the Dog with a spay/neuter contract. (this prevents novice owners from breeding until they are knowledgable and experienced with the breed and helps ensure breeding is aimed at improving the breed. )

A healthy, well bred dog does not just happen. It requires expensive testing, many hours of care and housing and feed appropriate to promote the correct growth of the dog ...and medical care.

While some breed  on a farmyard  level or just desire to have a cute litter of puppies, often it is a general breeding and not  focused on lifelong health of the dog. Dogs in the $200-$500 dollar range are available but a reputable breeder has put much more time, thought and money in the dog to produce the best quality animal possible.

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